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Amurath Sahib

Born 1932 at Breniów Stud, Poland

Grey Stallion

Sired by 35 Amurath II (Amurath 1881 x Fatme or.Ar.)

Out of Sahiba (Nana Sahib I x Donka - Schechan-Schammar or.Ar.)

Sireline: Sireline: Bairactar or.Ar. imp. 1817 Weil

Damline: Nedjme or.Ar. imp. 1857 Babolna

Died 1952


Amurath Sahib was a grey stallion born at Breniów in Poland in 1932. He was the major breeding stallion in Poland through the years 1937 to 1952. A great chief siere and progenitor of Bairactar or.Ar. line.

Amurath Sahib sired the chief stallions Gedymin (1946) - exported to Bulgaria, Dan Sahib (1950) - exported to GDR, Gwarny (1953), Equifor (1961) - Derby winner and track record holder and Arax (1952) who was exported to Tersk in 1958 and founder of the very important sire line in the USSR.

Amurath Sahib is also the sire of 25 excellent broodmares in Poland. His best daughters includes Amneris (1940) - dam of sires Aquinor (1951) and Aramis (1962). Balalajka (1941) - dam of Bask (1956) - the incomparable sire and US National Champion Stallion and of Bandola (1948) - First Lady of the Polish breeding program. Amurath Sahib also sired Adis Abeba (1947) - Oaks winner, Estokada (1951) - winner of the Oaks and Criterium and dam of Estebna (1951) - 1973 Champion Mare of Europe. Darda (1950) - dam of Dornaba (1960) - US and Canadian National Champion Mare and of Dardir (1959) - Swedish and European Champion Stallion. Gwadiana (1952) - dam of Gwalior (1976) - Canadian National Champion Stallion and US National Reserve Champion Stallion.

Amurath Sahib



(Amurath Sahib x Angara - Wielki Szlem)




(Amurath Sahib x Forta - Kuhailan-Abu-Urkub)

Sire of Cedr - exported to Sweden




(Amurath Sahib x Iwonka III - Ibn Mahomet)

Dam of Bask and Bandola





(Amurath Sahib x Brda - Mersuch II)

Dam of Dardir - Swedish National Champion and European Champion Stallion

and of Dornaba - US and Canadian National Champion Mare




(Amurath Sahib x Saga - Hardy)

Dam of Estebna



(Amurath Sahib x Elsissa - Floks)

Dam of Aquinor



(Miecznik x Amneris - Amurath Sahib)

Chief sire in Poland

Grandson of Amurath Sahib


(Nabor x Estokada - Amurath Sahib)

1973 Champion Mare of Europe

Granddaughter of Amurath Sahib



Name Born Sex Colour Out of Record
Lala 1938 Mare Grey Elsissa Died 1955
Legion 1938 Stallion Chestnut Lyska  
Lida II 1938 Mare Grey Krolowa  
Amneris 1940 Mare Grey Elsissa Died 1962
Balalajka 1941 Mare Grey Iwonka III Died 1957
Formoza 1945 Mare Grey Bajadera  
Gadir II 1946 Stallion Chestnut Wilga Died 1951
Gedymin 1946 Stallion Grey Pieszczota Bulgaria 1949
Adis Abeba 1947 Stallion Chestnut Ofirka Oaks winner, died 1964
Ali Baba 1947 Stallion Grey Elsissa  
Arwila 1947 Mare Grey Wilga Exported to UK 1965
Bachanalia 1948 Mare Chestnut Pieszczota  
Biskra 1948 Mare Bay Bajadera II  
Bogdanka 1948 Mare Grey Branka  
Bohomaz 1948 Stallion Grey Bona  
Braila 1948 Mare Grey Bryla  
Brussa 1948 Mare Grey Brzytwa  
Czamba 1949 Mare Chestnut Damba  
Dan-Sahib 1950 Stallion Grey Damba Exported to Germany 1955
Darda 1950 Mare Grey Brda Died 1967
Daribba 1950 Mare Grey Epizoda Died 1967
Derbent 1950 Stallion Grey Bajadera Died 1951
Draga 1950 Mare Grey Saga  
El-Dalami 1951 Stallion Grey Dalama  
El-Moro 1951 Stallion Chestnut Mokdiara Died 1952
Elsinora 1951 Mare Bay Bajadera  
Equifor 1951 Stallion Bay Forta Died 1958
Escobar 1951 Stallion Chestnut Orda  
Essor 1951 Stallion Grey Elsissa  
Estokada 1951 Mare Chestnut Saga Winner of the Oaks and Criterium, died 1965
Feronia 1951 Mare Grey Fanfara Died 1957
Wega 1951 Mare Chestnut Westalka  
Akropola 1952 Mare Bay Akra  
Arax 1952 Stallion Bay Angara Exported to Tiersk 1958
El Murat 1952 Stallion Grey Epizoda  
Fortissima 1952 Mare Bay Forta  
Gwadiana 1952 Mare Grey Gwara Exported to the U.S.A, Lasma 1963
Lubasza 1952 Mare Grey Lanca  
Szamrok 1952 Stallion Grey Saga  
Zabuzanka 1952 Mare Grey Zahabu  
Amibar 1953 Stallion Chestnut Amba  
Angus 1953 Stallion Bay Angara  
Aspan 1953 Stallion Grey Akra  
El Sahibka 1953 Mare Grey El-Zabibe Died 1960
Epigona 1953 Mare Grey Epizoda Died 1959
Fortunka 1953 Mare Bay Forta Exported to the U.S.A, F. Rust 1961
Gwarny 1953 Stallion Grey Gwara Died 1980
Sakla 1953 Mare Bay Saga Exported to Sweden, Blommeröd 1962

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