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Brusally El Azrak


Born January 11, 1968 in the U.S.A.

Brown Stallion

Sired by El Azrak (Faher x Ellora - Witraz)

Out of Salina (Comet x Salwa - Kuhailan Abu Urkub)

Sire line: Krzyzyk d.b. 1869, imp. 1876 Jarczowce

Dam line: Mlecha d.b. ~1840, imp. 1845 Jarczowce



Brusally El Azrak was a wonderful, kind and handsome stallion. I got to know him when I was working at Slängsboda Arabians in Kentucky, US. "Azzie" was the most polite and sweet stallion and you could feel he'd been well schooled in ridden performance when taking a ride down the beautiful paths of Slängsboda. Brusally El Azrak was imported in utero to the U.S.A. in 1967.  Azzie sired 97 foals during his time as a breeding stallion in the US and Canada. In the early 1990's he was gelded, with his age he had become sterile but still healthy.

His last owners were John R & Rhonda M Leach, KY, US. The Leaches, have a handicapped children's therapy center where horses are used. Azzie became a beloved show horse for several years for those proud children and won the hearts of everyone who had the privilege of knowing him in that new career. Thank you Janice, for letting me know about Azzie's life with the Leaches, it makes me so happy!

Brusally El Azrak was by the excellent racing stallion El Azrak. El Azrak was born in 1960, bred by Albigowa in Poland and died in 1980. He raced 31 times with 4 wins and 20 placings. El Azrak is also the sire of the wonderful breeding stallion Banat (1967) - used in Polish and British breeding programs, British National Champion Stallion and sold at the 1984 Polish Prestige sale for $525.000. Other fine stallions sired by El Azrak are Eunizar (1974) - exported to GFR and later to the U.S.A. and Danser (1974) - exported to Sweden. El Azrak was used in the Polish breeding program 1973-1974.

Brusally El Azrak's dam, Salina (known as *Salinaa in the US), was imported to the U.S.A. in 1967, carrying Brusally El Azrak. In Poland she gave birth to Salazar (1966) - exported to GFR and Saletra (1967) - exported to the U.S.A.

Several of Brusally El Azrak's offspring have fine show records in both halter and performance, just a few are mentioned in the list below. Jawarr + was Canadian National Reserve Champion in Hunter Pleasure ATR and Show Hack Open and Canadian National Champion in the Open Hunter Pleasure in 1992. He won many Championships, Reserves and Top Ten in Scottsdale and put Brusally El Azrak on the Top Ten Performance Sires list for North America that year.



Brusally El Azrak and Debbie

1968 Stallion
(El Azrak x Salina - Comet)

El Azrak

1960 Stallion
(Faher x Ellora - Witraz)

Sire of Brusally El Azrak


El Azrak

1960 Stallion
(Faher x Ellora - Witraz)

Sire of Brusally El Azrak



1960 Mare
(Comet x Salwa - Kuhailan Abu Urkub)

Dam of Brusally El Azrak



1945 Mare
(Kuhailan Abu Urkub x Sabda - Miecznik)

Grand dam of Brusally El Azrak





Name Born Sex Colour Out of Record
Staleys Azrah 1973 Mare Grey Brusally Czesemah
Azraks Superstar 1974 Gelding Bay Taffys Ferliti  
Azraks Estrellado 1974 Mare Bay Seglawi Jawarah  
Avril 1974 Mare Bay HM Amber Drift
Zarina El Azrak 1974 Mare Bay Kalla Zara  
Iviza 1974 Mare Grey Euprohsene  
Baska Sabiya 1974 Mare Bay Jericho Tamara  
Skyline Azronek 1974 Stallion Bay Skowroneks Jinnyi  
Maranaa 1974 Mare Bay Nasika  
Malika Miraj 1974 Mare Bay La Golindrina  
Kamilah 1974 Mare Bay Aglaia  
Azcindi 1974 Mare Bay Cinderellah  
Sha Jamin 1974 Stallion Bay Wafa El Shammar  
La Gayleyn 1974 Mare Bay Rose of Gayleyn  
Mister Polaris 1975 Gelding Bay Afraa Gezan  
Miss Raka 1975 Mare Bay Misty Morning  
Jualyn Faysel 1975 Stallion Grey Bint Fahara Zim  
Jazmar 1975 Mare Bay Jericho Tamara  
Jomar El Kheir 1975 Stallion Bay Raff-Zimada  
Mega 1975 Stallion Bay Skowroneks Jinnyi  
El Azalayne 1975 Mare Bay Gezan Gezella  
Evana 1975 Mare Bay Euphrosene  
Okimakun 1975 Stallion Bay Kalla Zara  
Piney Wood 1975 Mare Bay Silviah
Paprikaa 1975 Mare Bay Nasika  
Azriina 1975 Mare Bay La Golindrina  
Abbas Saoud 1975 Stallion Bay Jamar Raad  
Gazelk 1976 Stallion Bay Sundays Child  
Kharabu Athena 1976 Mare Grey Electric Pearl  
Zanhar 1976 Stallion Bay Afraa Gezan  
Mauhin 1976 Gelding Bay La Golindrina Several championships and reserves in Country English Pleasure, English Pleasure, gelding halter
Faizaa 1976 Mare Bay Nasika  
Azraks Topaz 1976 Mare Bay Gezan Gezella  
Abadan Sharik 1976 Gelding Bay Skowroneks Jinnyi 1986 Reg 5 Top Five PB Western Pleasure JOTR 17-under
Joel 1977 Stallion Bay Jolian  
Lasarak 1977 Mare Grey Laskaana  
Vali Karzalyka 1977 Mare Grey Hafan  
Evalian 1977 Gelding Grey Euphrosene  
Pineland Paladin 1977 Stallion Bay Pineland Nikko  
Electraz 1977 Stallion Bay Electric Pearl  
Azraks Azoneeki 1977 Stallion Bay Skowroneks Jinnyi  
Star of Janow 1977 Stallion Bay Seglawi Anseyna  
Azra Anne 1978 Mare Grey Pollyanna  
Cloudd Nine 1978 Gelding Bay Anastasiah  
Jadors Wahdani 1978 Mare Grey Silver Tiarah Twin!
Jadors El Dakan 1978 Stallion Grey Silver Tiarah Twin!
Azrasan 1978 Gelding Bay Dobresan  
Ashazra 1978 Mare Grey Ashmiah  
Dragon Place Mist 1978 Mare Grey Susan Murzada  
Asallee El Anseyn 1978 Mare Bay Seglawi Anseyna  
Azulique 1978 Mare Bay Jinnyis Ferda  
Elaziaa 1979 Mare Bay Andria  
Cometaa 1979 Mare Bay La Golindrina  
Jaleure 1979 Gelding Bay Rose of Jericho Canadian National Reserve Champion in Hunter Pleasure ATR and Show Hack Open and Canadian National Champion in the Open Hunter Pleasure in 1992.  He won many Championships, Reserves and Top Ten in Scottsdale and put Brusally El Azrak on the Top Ten Performance Sires list for North America that year.  Please add him i
Jawarr + 1979 Gelding Bay Seglawi Jawarah  
Rishonah 1979 Mare Grey Tutseyna  
Aslon 1979 Stallion Bay Skowroneks Jinnyi  
Shastaa 1979 Mare Bay Ferlitis Jewel  
Desiree El Azrak 1980 Mare Bay Andria  
Sur Val Gezan 1980 Stallion Bay Afraa Gezan  
Tayazaa 1980 Mare Bay Tayyar  
Shah Miroque 1980 Stallion Bay Taffys Ferliti  
Azraks Kalypso 1980 Gelding Grey Kalinda  
Vali Kaszrak 1980 Gelding Bay Garysza  
Azraks Amber 1980 Mare Bay Marjura Baha  
Amy Azelly 1981 Mare Bay Shavaun  
Migay El Azrak 1981 Stallion Bay Andria  
Azraks Ibn Feraz 1981 Stallion Bay Taffys Ferliti 1997 Canada Top 10 PB WK Hunter, 1997 Reg 17 champ PB working hunter
Miss Dea 1981 Mare Grey Miss Amadeus  
Lasans Kaszmirick 1981 Gelding Bay Lasans Tiffannee  
Azraks Formula 1982 Stallion Bay Nasika  
Azuette 1982 Mare Bay Jinnyis Ferda  
Philpatrick 1983 Gelding Bay Jericho Tamara  
Azraks Flashdance 1983 Gelding Bay Nasika  
Penny Lover 1984 Mare Bay Cinderellah  
Azasalinaa 1984 Mare Bay Fair Trial Gezan  
Lujaini 1985 Mare Grey Azulene  
Celinaa 1985 Mare Bay Papantla  
Christmas Mariner 1985 Gelding Bay Jericho Tamara  
Bronze Comet 1985 Gelding Bay Cinderellah  
Sparkling Soda 1985 Mare Bay Fair Trial Gezan  
Azulation 1986 Mare Bay Azulene  
Aafter Midnite 1986 Stallion Black Star of Vask  
Mister Darcy 1986 Gelding Bay Jericho Tamara  
TF Night Fortune 1986 Gelding Black Fortunate  
Witazrak 1986 Stallion Bay Witezaira  
TA Swiftsure 1986 Stallion Bay JD Baskquenaa  
Surprize Finale 1987 Mare Bay Jericho Tamara  
Delaz 1988 Stallion Grey Double Star  
Forever an Ever 1988 Mare Black Star of Vask  
Perszjaa 1989 Mare Bay Popnia A really good JOTR hunter - championships and reserves in Reg 15
Szaffir 1989 Gelding Bay Soleiha  
Cazrak 1989 Gelding Grey Canada  
Nieko 1989 Stallion Bay Niwa  
Giewazak 1989 Stallion Bay Grojiema  
IC Azalon 1991 Mare Bay Jalonica  
Jayel Aztec 1991 Gelding Bay Jayel Suterra  

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