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El Paso

Born 1967, bred by Janów Podlaski Stud, Poland

Bay Stallion

Sired by Czort (Wielki Szlem x Forta - Kuhailan Abu Urkub)

Out of Ellora (Witraz x Elza - Rasim Pierwszy)

Sire line: Kuhailan Haifi or.Ar imp. 1931 Gumniska

Dam line: Woloszka 1810 Slawuta

Died in 1995


El Paso was chief progenitor of Kuhailan Haifi or.Ar - Wielki Szlem branch in Poland. He was used in the Polish breeding program in 1972-1975 at Michalów Stud and 1979-1981 at Janów Podlaski Stud. He raced 2 seasons at the race track in Poland and did 19 starts with the results (3-3-3). In 1976 he became Scottsdale Champion Stallion and US National Champion Stallion when on lease to Lasma Arabians. He was in the U.S.A. on a three year lease deal between the years 1976-1978. El Paso's stud fee was $5,000 in 1976. Despite grand offers from the US, Poland refused to sell him. It was not until 1981, with a check of $1000,000 and big enough to make Poland (as well as the rest of the world) gasp, Dr. Armand Hammer purchased the handsome bay stallion. Upon his return to the United States, El Paso stood at Town & Country Farms in Florida where he was promoted as a race sire. El Paso died in 1995, at the age of 28 of cancer.

Czort was the sire of El Paso and an excellent racer and twice winner of Criterium. He was a very important sire in post-war breeding in Poland, known as a sire of excellent performance horses. Czort was used for breeding between the years 1959 - 1972. He raced 19 races in four seasons with the results (13-5-1). Czort procuced 15 stallions, 4 of them were used in Poland.

Ellora was a bay mare born in 1950 in Poland and she never left the country. She was one of the most important Polish broodmatrons. Dam of three sires used in Poland: El Azrak (1960) - sire of Banat, Ellorus (1972), El Paso (1967) - exported to the U.S.A., and Elfur (1966) - Derby winner used at Tersk Stud, Russia. Ellora produced seven daughters including Edessa (1961) - exported to Sweden, Elba (1962), Eliza (1963), Ellonga (1968) and Eliminacja (1974) - all exported to the U.S.A, and Elewacja (1970) - Polish National Champion Mare and valuable broodmatron at Janów Podlaski, exported 1992 to Great Britain. Ellora died in 1984.

El Paso sired 10 breeding stallions in Poland including Wiatr (1975) - exported to Brazil, Fason (1976) - used for three years at Bialka Stud and then exported to Sweden, Wilkolak (1976), Alkazar (1980) - chief sire at Bialka Stud and then exported to the U.S.A., Cadyk (1973) - 1983 Swedish National Champion Stallion, Czaprak (1974) - exported to Sweden, *Erros (1973) - 1978 US National Reserve Champion Stallion and 1979 U.S. National Top Ten Stallion, Eltor (1980) - exported to the US, Gorset (1973) - sold to GFR, Etogram (1981) - chief sire at Kurozweki Stud and Michalów Stud, 1991 Polish National Reserve Champion Stallion and 1996 Swedish National Champion Stallion and Europejczyk (1982) - unbeaten at the racetrack, winner of the Produce, Derby and Criterium, Polish National Champion Stallion and a proven sire. In the US El Paso have the sons Guaranteed - 1981 US National Top 10 Stallion, El Pasito - 1982 Canadian National Top 10 Stallion, Botaan - 1984 Canadian National Champion Stock Horse, also Non-Pro Cutting Champion, Mark IV Icecapade - 1984 Canadian National Pleasure Driving Champion, Top Ten Informal Combination as well as US National Reserve Champion Pleasure Driving and Celtyk - US National Champion Stallion and MS Ellusion - 1985 Canadian National Top 10 Champion Stallion and Star World Top 10 Stallion. The list goes on and on and on...

El Paso's daughters shouldn't be forgotten. We find Wizja (1973) - 1977 US National Champion Mare, Wilejka (1976) - Polish National Junior Champion Mare, Pascha (1973), Catalina (1974), Estrada (1975), Gildia (1975), Miranda (1976), Bolanda (1980) - exported to Sweden in 1981, Balladyna (1980) - exported to France in 1990, Hajnówka (1981), Saracenia (1981), Titina (1982-1991). Twenty daughters were exported to the U.S.A. including Dacja (1973) - 1980 Canadian National Top 10 Mare and sold for $400,000, Flaga (1973), Warjacja (1973), Glownia (1973), Gwintówka (1974), Wilczyca (1974), Wistula (1974) - sold for $510,000 at the Polish Ovation Sale in 1985, Zadymka (1974) - Scottsdale and Star World Show Champion Mare and 1985 Canadian National Top 10 Mare, Dieta (1975), Eterna (1975), Wersja (1975) - sold at the Ventura Sale in 1985 for $320,000, Zdrada (1975), Westalka (1976), Arka (1976), Erna (1976), Samosiera (1980), Arosa (1981), Hanza (1981), El Pasja (1981) and Akcja (1982). Cantata (1974), Flanka (1975) - exported to the Netherlands, Esterka (1976) - exported to Sweden, Emka (1976) and Cyranka (1976) - exported to Italy.

Wizja was on lease to Lasma Arabians in the years 1977-1983. Her son Wizjon (by Bask) was born during that time. However Wizjon and Warranty (by Alladinn) are recorded in the Polish Stud Book Vol. XI. Wizjon became Canadian National Champion Pleasure Driving. When Wizja returned to Poland she was in foal to Cognac and produced the cold Winiak in 1983. Wizja was the US National Champion Mare, Buckeye Champion mare and Scottsdale Reserve Champion Mare in 1977.

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El Paso

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El Paso


1949 at Nowy Dwór, Poland
Bay Stallion

(Wielki Szlem x Forta - Kuhailan Abu Urkub)

Double winner of Criterium

Died 1973

Sire of El Paso



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1950 at Albigowa, Poland
Bay Mare

(Witraz x Elza - Rasim Pierwszy)

Died in 1984

Dam of El Paso

Ellora with El Paso as a colt in Poland

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1973 at Michalów Stud, Poland
Bay Mare

(El Paso x Warmia by Comet)

1977 US National Champion Mare
Dam of stallions Wizjon and Warranty

Merits of Warranty (Alladinn x Wizja):

Australian National Champion Stallion
Canadian National Reserve Champion Country English Pleasure
Regional Champion Country English Pleasure
Regional Reserve Champion English Pleasure
International Sire of Significance

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1976 at Michalów Stud, Poland
Chestnut Mare

(El Paso x Warmia by Comet)

1982 Polish National Reserve Junior Champion Mare
All Nations Cup Gold Medal winner
International Aristocrat Dam of halter & performance champions

Full sister to Wizja
Dam of Wojslaw - Polish National Champion Stallion

Died 2004



1982 at Janów Podlaski Stud, Poland
Bay Stallion

(El Paso x Europa - Bandos)

Polish National Champion Stallion
Polish National Reserve Champion Stallion
Triple Crown Race Winner Derby, Produce and Criterium
Polish Race Horse of the Year

Died on 29th of November 2005



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MS Ellusion


(El Paso x MS Baqueta by Bask)

1989 Region 7 Top 5 Stallion
1985 Canadian National Top 10 Stallion
Star World Top 10 Stallion
Sire of over 240 purebred foals


Magic VF

Bay Stallion

(El Paso x Basks Maria by Bask)

1987 US National Futurity Colts Top Ten
1990 Canadian National Top Ten Halter Stallion
1994 Scottsdale Reserve Champion Stallion age 6 and over


magicVFbyElPasooutofBasksMaria.jpg (31658 bytes)


1981 at Janów Podlaski Stud, Poland
Grey Mare

(El Paso x Harmonijka - Bandos)






1978 at Lasma Arabians, USA

(Bask x Wizja by El Paso)

Grandson of El Paso


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