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Born 1981 at Janów Podlaski Stud, Poland

Bay Stallion 154 cm

Sired by Banat (El Azrak x Bandola - Witraz)

Out of Arba (Comet x Abhazja - Omar II)

Sire line: Krzyzyk or.Ar. imp. 1876 Jarczowce

Dam line: Mlecha or.Ar. imp. 1845 Jarczowce

Owner: Vlasakker Arabians


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Arbil - a classic Kuhailan is the most important progenitor of the Krzyzyk-Banat strain crossed with Comet in Polish breeding today. This great athlete with powerful motion, excellent body and high spirits proved his breeding potential when used successfully for three years on lease to Lasma East International, U.S.A., and at the Michalów stud in Poland.

Arbil's unique pedigree is linebred to the phenomenal broodmatron Balalajka, (dam of the immortal Bask and Bandola), through her famous daughter Arfa, the granddam of Arba, dam of 14 foals including Arbor - National Champion of France and European Champion Stallion, and Arra - "Triple Crown" stakes winner and Champion Mare of Poland and Europe. Arbil's sire Banat is himself a National Champion Stallion of Great Britain, and sire of Alarm US - US National Top Ten Park and Canadian Top Ten English Pleasure and of Piechur - "Racehorse of the year 1983" and Multi Champion.

Arbil was at the racetrack for two years, 1984 - 1985. Racing record: 1984 - raced 8 times: 4 x I (Sasanka Stakes), 3 x II (Bask Stakes) and 1 x IV; 1985 - raced 5 times: 1 x I (Comet Stakes), 2 x II (Bandos, Produce Stakes) and 1 x III (Skowronek Stakes).

Arbil is the sire of Wachlarz (1990) - chief stallion in Poland, Desant (1990) - Polish Embargo Stakes Winner, Wiek (1992) - chief stallion in Poland, Wiazma (1992) - Michalów Junior Champion Filly 1993, Dziecielina (1992) - Michalów Junior Reserve Champion Filly 1993, Alba (1993) - Michalów Junior Reserve Champion Filly 1994, Farah-Bagir (1993) - best private owned stallion of Polish Association of Arabian Horse Breeders Show, Aryjka (1994) - Polish Oaks Winner, Medytator (1995) - Polish Gepard Stakes Winner,  Eula (1996) - Polish National Champion Filly & Best in Show 1998 and Marbil HT - German Grand Prix Winner.




1967 at Janów Podlaski Stud, Poland
Bay Stallion

(El Azrak x Bandola - Witraz)

Chief stallion in Poland
National Champion Stallion of Great Britain

Sire of Arbil


1962 at Janów Podlaski Stud, Poland
Bay Mare

(Comet x Abhazja - Omar II)

Dam of Arbil and of
- National Champion of France and European Champion Stallion and Arra - "Triple Crown" stakes winner and Champion Mare of Poland and Europe



1992 at Janów Podlaski Stud, Poland
Bay Stallion

(Arbil x Wiosna - Fawor)

Chief stallion in Poland



1993 at Janów Podlaski Stud, Poland
Bay Stallion

(Arbil x Hajnowka - El Paso)

Owner: Oakwerth Arabians

Canadian National Top Ten Hunter Pleasure
Regional Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure
Pacific Slope Top Five Country English Pleasure
Scottsdale Top Ten Country English Pleasure
Scottsdale Top Ten Hunter Pleasure
Scottsdale Top Ten Country English Pleasure AOTR
Scottsdale Top Ten Hunter Pleasure AOTR
Training Level Dressage Winner





Name Born Sex Colour Out of Record
Desant 1990 Stallion Bay Dymisja
Diakon 1990 Gelding Chestnut Delenda  
Dingo 1990 Gelding Bay Delicja  
Dobryn 1990 Stallion Bay Dalida
Eskander 1990 Gelding Bay Eskandia  
Fantazy 1990 Gelding Chestnut Fanaberia  
Fergana 1990 Mare Chestnut Flota  
Gorzalka 1990 Mare Bay Grenada  
Grasant 1990 Gelding Chestnut Gasawa  
Gratka 1990 Mare Bay Gitara  
Kowel 1990 Stallion Grey Kolia  
Matura 1990 Mare Bay Mitrega  
Minoga 1990 Mare Brown Miranda  
Paragraf 1990 Gelding Bay Promesa  
Wachlarz 1990 Stallion Brown Warsowia
Wiza 1990 Mare Bay Wizja  
Wstega 1990 Mare Chestnut Wilejka  
Zair 1990 Gelding Bay Zuela  
Zemsta 1990 Mare Bay Zula  
Dezerter 1991 Stallion Bay Dymisja  
Dziecielina 1991 Mare Chestnut Dalida  
Efebia 1991 Mare Bay Estela  
Fanfaron 1991 Stallion Bay Fanaberia  
Florek 1991 Stallion Bay Flota  
Florianka 1991 Mare Bay Funga  
Furola 1991 Mare Bay Forora  
Marieta 1991 Mare Bay Miranda  
Mitawa 1991 Mare Bay Mitrega  
Weltawa 1991 Mare Bay Wilejka  
Wiazma 1991 Mare Bay Wizja  
Zatoka 1991 Mare Dark bay Zula  
Alba 1992 Mare Bay Almeria  
Alma 1992 Mare Bay Algretta  
Artbi 1992 Stallion Bay Alanga  
Ciba 1992 Mare Bay Celimena  
Cudem Del Fornello 1992 Stallion Chestnut Cecula  
Czartawa 1992 Mare Bay Chantoria  
Elwara 1992 Mare Bay Elwanga  
Elwira 1992 Mare Bay Ewiwa  
Equin 1992 Stallion Brown Equitana  
Napar 1992 Gelding Chestnut Natura  
Opcja 1992 Mare Chestnut Organtyna  
Parafraza 1992 Mare Grey Parma  
Sadan 1992 Gelding Grey Sarabanda  
Timur 1992 Gelding Bay Tiranda  
Widok 1992 Gelding Bay Wineta  
Wiek 1992 Stallion Bay Wiosna  
Czarodziej 1993 Gelding Bay Czantoria  
Ekade 1993 Mare Bay Ekawa  
Emu 1993 Mare Bay Empala  
Farah-Bagir 1993 Stallion Chestnut Farah-Aisha  
Hajder 1993 Stallion Light bay Hajnowka  
Aryjka 1994 Mare Bay Arabella  
Man 1994 Gelding Bay Mantra  
Maciwoda 1994 Stallion Bay Malmazja  
Mediacja 1994 Mare Bay Medytacja  
Medytator 1995 Stallion Bay Medytacja  
Oskar 1995 Gelding Bay Ostrozka  
Pagard 1995 Gelding Grey Pagoda  
Wola 1995 Mare Bay Woltyzerka  
Alagos 1996 Gelding Chestnut Alejka  
Algaria 1996 Mare Bay Algora  
Borysów 1996 Gelding Chestnut Borowina  
Celoma 1996 Mare Grey Celna  
Czereja 1996 Mare Grey Czantoria  
Eula 1996 Mare Bay Euterpe  
Ewing 1996 Gelding Grey Ewiwa  
Faza 1996 Mare Bay Fascynacja  
Parnas 1996 Stallion Bay Parana  
Pembina 1996 Mare Grey Pektyna  
Pusza 1996 Mare Chestnut Pytia  
Salina 1996 Mare Grey Sari  
Bogini 1997 Mare Brown Bogatynia  
Eqvinus 1997 Stallion Brown Equitana  
Espion 1997 Gelding Bay Ekawa  
Ewald 1997 Gelding Bay Ewarysta  
Alauda 1998 Mare Chestnut Alejka  
Bogna 1998 Mare Bay Bogatynia  
Eltryn 1998 Stallion Bay Elestora  
Etrun 1998 Gelding Bay Etra  
Euster 1998 Gelding Chestnut Euterpe  
Parella 1998 Mare Grey Partytura  
Pesaro 1998 Gelding Bay Pestka  
Zahara 2000 Mare Bay Zorza  
Mniszka 2000 Mare Bay Mantylka  
Malagant 2000 Stallion Bay Malaga  
Macho 2000 Stallion Bay Malmazja  
Piwosz 2001 Stallion Grey Piwnica  
Abisynka 2001 Mare Grey Abisynia  
Bastion 2001 Stallion Dark bay Batanga  
Meneska 2003 Mare Grey Mesa  
Maszka 2003 Mare Bay Metaxa  
Fabianka 2003 Mare Chestnut Formula  
Macao 2003 Stallion Bay Makana  
Maresko 2003 Stallion Grey Metafora  
Eukanuba 2003 Mare Bay Evita  
Maag 2003 Stallion Chestnut Mogielnica  



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