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Born 1981 at Michalów Stud, Poland

Grey Stallion 154 cm

Sired by Palas (Aswan x Panel - Nil)

Out of Elwira (Elf x Estebna - Nabor)

Sireline: Saklawi I or.Ar 1886 Egypt

Damline: Milordka 1816 Slawuta

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Endel - the classic Saklavi stallion representing the best available bloodlines in the world today. He was a worthy and excellent performer at the race track proved his stamina and great performanca abilities in 23 races. Endel is an exceptional stallion of extreme beauty and charisma and his paternal brothers and sisters like Penicylina, Pilarka, Etruria, Gondolier and Haracz are famous champion winners.

Endel himself was Polish National Champion Stallion and European Reserve Champion Stallion in 1988.

Endel represents the most merited maternal line in Michalów Stud, famous from its breeding prepotency and numerous champions as Estebna - first European Champion Mare, Eskapada, Ekstaza, Emisja - Polish National Champion Mares, Elkana - US and Canadian National Champion Mare, Espada - US Top Ten Mare, Era - Multi Champion Park Horse, Eros - US Reserve National Champion Stallion and Egina - 1986 Polish National Junior Champion and European Reserve Junior Champion Mare.

Endel's sire, Palas, is known as the sire of champions, his offspring winning the top honours at the national and international showrings. Palas was born in Tersk, Russia in 1968 and exchanged in 1971 for the stallion Elfur, then purchased by the the Poles in 1975.

Endel's dam, Elwira, belonged to the most precious Polish broodmares and was sired by Elf - full-brother to US and Canadian National Champion Stallion Elkin.





(Aswan x Panel - Nil)

Sire of Endel




1961 - 1974

(Nabor x Estokada - Amurath Sahib)

First European Champion Mare, Verden 1973

Granddam of Endel



(Endel x Dekada - Eternit)


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