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Wielki Szlem

Born 1938 at Janów Podlaski Stud, Poland

Bay Stallion

Sired by Ofir (Kuhailan Haifi or.Ar. x Dziwa - Abu Mlech)

Out of Elegantka (Bakszysz x Gazella II - Kohejlan or.Ar.)

Sire line: Kuhailan Haifi or.Ar. imp. 1931 Gumniska

Dam line: Gazella or.Ar. imp. 1845 Jarczowce

Died 1959


Wielki Szlem was, together with his paternal brother Witraz, the most valuable stallions in Polish breeding after World War II. These two bay stallions, both sired by Ofir and with Gazella II as their grand-dam, were born at Janów Podlaski Stud in 1938. When World War II raged over Europe and bombs were exploding around the lands of Janów Podlaski, the horses were to be evacuated to safety. These precious horses were led by their grooms in full bomb attacks. We can't even imagine the fear and panic within these brave people and brave horses. It's said about Wielki Szlem and Witraz that they were led by their devoted groom and had to stand one night under a big tree as the only shelter for the bombings. Witraz's tail caught on fire and he panicked. But the groom, very aware of the value of these horses, didn't let go and got help to put out the fire. In the morning, to be able to release his grip of Wielki Szlem and Witraz, his hands had to be forced open. This is a story that tells a little about how devoted the Poles where, and still are, to their Arabian horses.

Wielki Szlem was, according to Pankiewicz, "a small, handsome athlete of very good conformation, general soundness, and substance". Wielki Szlem sired many good and very good horses and Pankiewicz explained that several Wielki Szlem sons where used to extend the Kuhailan Haifi line. At Janów, Czort (by Wielki Szlem) was decided to be sufficient representation of the Ofir line and was kept to do the job. For these reasons the great Bask (by Witraz) was sold and never used in Polish breeding. Wielki Szlem was used in Poland through 1941 - 1959.

Wielki Szlem sired 11 stallions including: Czardasz (1949)- winner of Derby and Criterium, Czort (1949) - twice winner of Criterium and sire of El Paso (1967) - US National Champion Stallion.

Wielki Szlem sired also 51 mares, 8 of them produced sires used in the Polish breeding program. Gahdar (1942) - mother of Abu Afas (1947), Mira (1942) - mother of Mir Said (1953), Gwara (1946) - mother of Gwarny (1953), Angara (1947) - mother of Arax (1952), Bint Munira (1948) - mother of Badr Bedur (1960), Cerekiew (1951) - mother of Carycyn (1961), Dyska (1950) - mother of Dramat (1958) and Ellenai (1956) - mother of the sires Eleuzis (1962), Elf (1963) and Elbrus (1965).


1949 at Nowy Dwór, Poland
Bay Stallion

(Wielki Szlem x Forta - Kuhailan Abu Urkub)

Double winner of Criterium



1942 by Adamówka, Poland
Bay Mare

(Wielki Szlem x Gadila - Kaszmir)

Dam of Abu Afas



1946 at Janów Podlaski Stud, Poland
Bay Mare

(Wielki Szlem x Canaria - Trypolis)

Dam of Gwarny



1953 Nowy Dwór Stud, Poland
Bay Stallion

(Wielki Szlem x Alga - Witraz)

Used in Swedish breeding



1956 at Nowy Dwór, Poland
Bay Mare

(Wielki Szlem x Eleonora - Witraz)



1967 at Janów Podlaski, Poland
Bay Stallion

(Czort x Ellora - Witraz)


ElPaso3.jpg (73885 bytes)

El Paso

1967 at Janów Podlaski, Poland
Bay Stallion

(Czort x Ellora - Witraz)

US National Champion Stallion
Grandson of Wielki Szlem



1949 at Nowy Dwór, Poland
Bay Mare

(Wielki Szlem x Rozeta - Almanzor)



1949 at Nowy Dwór, Poland
Bay Stallion

(Wielki Szlem x Baza - Kuhailan Zaid or.Ar.)

Winner of Derby and Criterium
Used in Polish breeding



1951 at Nowy Dwór, Poland
Bay Mare

(Wielki Szlem x Cemira - Flisak)

Dam of Carycyn



1961 at Janów Podlaski Stud, Poland
Grey Stallion

(Comet x Cerekiew - Wielki Szlem)

Grandson of Wielki Szlem

Used in Polish breeding, exported to USA



1957 at Albigowa, Poland
Grey Mare

(Wielki Szlem x Balalajka - Amurath Sahib)

Died 1986

Imported to the USA 1961 by Sheila Varian
North American Aristocrat Dam






1960 at Nowy Dwór, Poland

(Wielki Szlem x Kassala - Bad Afas)


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